Are you compliant with the Law Society’s rules regarding the sharing of offices?

Yes, we are compliant with Rule 44 of the Uniform Rules as prescribed by the Law Society. We are an exclusive association of practicing attorneys and therefore we do not share offices with non-practicing attorneys.

What are the terms of the lease? Am I bound to a long-term lease?

Our Lease and Usage agreement is flexible and tailor made for single practitioners and small practices alike. There is an initial fixed term of 6 months and thereafter the lease is automatically extended with 3 month’s written notice. No long term fixed periods.

How do the boardrooms work? Do I have to book it in advance? Is there any additional costs associated with the use?

There is no shortage as currently we have 6 boardrooms varying in size. Boardrooms can be reserved on a booking system and there is no additional costs as this is included in your rental. Please note, however, that should you make use of the Reception Module you will be charged R100.00 per hour for a six-seater boardroom and R120 per hour for an eight-seater boardroom. Boardroom facilities include, bottled water, freshly brewed filter coffee and tea.

Is there client parking available?

Yes, there is sufficient client parking available under building.

How much will I pay for copies / prints?

You will only pay the actual cost of the paper used and the toner cost as charged by the printing supplier.

How do I go about printing?

Once you are added to our network you simply send your print job to the printer. You access your print jobs by means of a unique access pin allocated to you. You can also scan documents to your computer and send faxes from the printer using your unique access pin. You get billed for your print jobs at month end.

How far is Hilda Law Chambers from the Gautrain Station?

We are within walking distance (500m) from the Gautrain Station.

Do attorneys refer work to each other? Can I generate work through the Law Chambers?

Yes, we have a work referral scheme comprising of a WhatsApp group where colleagues refer work to each other. In addition, we market our tenant’s services on our website so that those practitioners that do not have their own websites can get exposure on the internet.

How do I access my office after hours and over weekends?

Once you are enrolled on our systems you will receive your own key and your fingers will be registered on our biometric access system. You can come and go as you like 24/7.

How does the security work at the office?

We have a state of the art biometric system that affords tenants access to and from the building. The building is also manned with security personnel 24/7.

How does the reception and answering service work?

There is a full reception service with call answering and message taking facility. You can choose how you will be notified of these calls, either by way of WhatsApp message or email. Our receptionists are also trained in accepting service of pleadings and same are date and time stamped. You will be required to provide your own stamp for these purposes.